Artworks by Cheryl D Brain
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A Trip into Venice

Chai and Apples

Dhobi Ghat - Mumbai

Indian Ring Necked Parrots

The Beach at Hammamet

Old Varieties - Apples

Freya’s Pears

Lobster Creels

Havana Cuba II Riomaggiore

Taj Mahal Melodies

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Havana Cuba I

The Pink Hydrangea - Palma

Havana Cuba III-

The Yellow Parasols, Midi-Pyrenees

Waiting to Bat - Mumbai

The Carpet Seller Concludes a Sale


Sarees for Sunshades, Jaipur India

Fancy Shoes and Flags

Indian Adventure

The Painted Elephant

Treasures of the Medina

The Fair Comes to Troyes - Mixed Media


Brussel Sprouts


Silver Car

Little Havana

Mixed Media

Chatting by the Chevy

Chatting by the Chevy, Havana

The Orange Truck

The Orange Truck, Havana


Joutis, Phulkaris and Sandals - Mixed Media

Early Catch - Blue Fin Tuna

Bush Mail Seaspray Rd Gippsland Australia

Harbour Still Life

Silver Birch, Silver Stream